E-commerce Solutions

To sell more online, you need a combination of technology, marketing and expert knowledge to help create an engaging experience for your visitors, which will boost sales and increase revenue. Using our own bespoke in house CMS, which has had 15+ years of development, alongside EU funding, we can make your online business a success.

Performance and Flexibility

Our experienced team know what it takes for your website to run smoothly and to improve your visitors experience. It is no longer enough to just have an e-commerce website available; it needs to be appealing, accessible, responsive, easy to use and fast to load. Growing an e-commerce business requires a strategy to not only gain new visitors, but also to engage with your existing customers, refining and enhancing their experience of interacting with your business.

Your e-commerce project will be built from the same foundations as our websites. Our website platform is adaptable and can suit the way your business operates. A system that anyone can use, with all the crucial features necessary for a successful web presence.


Security is key, especially with increasing threats of card and data fraud as well as phishing scams. Nexo take care of the security, maintenance and management of your e-commerce website, allowing you to solely focus on running your business.


Once your website is live, we will work with you towards a launch strategy, ensuring ROI is met as soon as possible and that your target visitors react to your website. Support in running and maintaining your website is crucial to the success and we include this in each project.

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